Teaching Labs

The department has several teaching laboratory facilities with state of the art hardware and software tools. The laboratories are named as:

Circuits and Innovation lab : View Full Details

Basic Electronics Lab : View Full Details

M. Tech. Lab : View Full Details

Shannon Lab : View Full Details

RF and Applied Electromagnetics Lab : View Full Details

Advanced ECE Lab : View Full Details

M.tech Labs : ECE Department of IIIT-Delhi, an institute leading in education and research relevant to the current technologies and needs of industry, is providing lab access to its M. Tech. students to support its teaching and research work, in ECE stream. These M. Tech. labs are located in the academic building of the campus and are equipped with all computing and research facilities needed to carry out the research and course projects. To name a few the institute is providing ELDO, Cadence and Synopsys like tools for VLSI students while MATLAB, LabVIEW, GNU radio, and optisystem are available for the students working in the domain of communication and signal processing.

The main undergraduate teaching activities take place in Circuits labs. These labs are equipped with instruments and software from leading manufacturers such as Keysight, Tektronix, Fluke etc. The MTech labs are equipped with state-of-the-art EDA tools such as Cadence Suite, Mentor ELDO, Synopsys IC Compiler, HFSS, CST, ADS, IE3D, MATLAB, etc. These labs are used for teaching and research activities related to masters students.

Research Labs

The department has several research laboratory facilities with state of the art hardware and software tools. The laboratories are named as:

Advanced Multicore Systems Lab : View Full Details

Algorithms to Architecture Lab : View Full Details

Automatic Control Lab

Circuit Design Research Lab : View Full Details

Intellicom Lab : View Full Details

Mobility and Optimisation Lab : View Full Details

Nanoscale Devies and Circuits Lab : View Full Details

Photonics and Quantum Electronic Lab : View Full Details

Signal Processing and Biomedical Imaging Lab (SBILab) : View Full Details

Space System Lab : View Full Details

Signal Analysis for Large Scale Application (SALSA) Lab : View Full Details

Visual Concept Group : View Full Details

Wirocomm Lab : View Full Details