Financial Year 2019-2020
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs.
1 Post - Silicon Debug Platform for secured Systems Dr. Sujay Deb SPARC, MHRD 4,799,376.00
2 Design of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) Sysytrems for Future Vehicular Communication Dr. Vivek Bohara SPARC, MHRD 6,346,070.00
3 Scalable Spatio- Temporal Measurement and analysis of air pollution data for Delhi-NCR using Vehical Mounted Sensor Dr. Pravesh Biyani IIT Delhi- IMPRINT 3,937,000.00
4 Carrying out impact assessment dur to breakdown of public transport buses on trafiic & wastage of Fuel due to congestion Dr. Pravesh Biyani PCRA 528,000.00
5 Cardio Watch: A Cuff - Less, Low cost BP Monitoring Solution Dr. Sujay Deb DST 594,000.00
6 Spatio Temporal Air Quality Data Monitoring and Prediction Using Moving Vehicles Dr. Pravesh Biyani DST 3,227,576.00
7 UAV IIIT-D Aurora Dr. P.B.Sujit CAI 320,000.00
8 Smart Driving Using Cooperative Preception over a constrained communication network Dr. Sanjit Kaul DST 6,064,400.00
9 AI in pre-school education Dr. Angshul Majumdar CAI 250,000.00
10 Optical Wireless Access Network for Rural and Urban Communication Prof. Anand Srivastava Meity 13,900,000.00
11 Intelligent and Flexible PHY for 5G Dr. Sumit Darak SERB 4,926,589.00
12 To set up and test a data trust pilot for stewardship of mobilitydatain Delhi Dr. Pravesh Biyani Omidyar Networks 10,500,000.00
13 Autonomus Last Mile Vehicle (ALIVE) Dr. Saket Anand Meity 19,563,000.00
Financial Year 2018-2019
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs.
1 Commuter Vision: Cooperative employee transportation and scheduling Dr. Pravesh Biyani IT Knowledge Park; GC Karnataka 1,000,000.00
2 Multi-purpose VTOL-UAV for Smart Cities desiccant systems Dr. P. B. Sujit Indo-US 1,000,000.00
3 Development and Implementation of an open Data Initiative for Public Transport in Delhi Dr. Pravesh Biyani Delhi Govt of NCT 5,40,000.00
4 FPGA based Accelarator for Digital Signal Processing Dr. Sumit Darak Indian Army 500,000.00
5 Identification of network pathways for drug targeting in Multiple Myeloma from NSG data using Deep Learning Dr. Anubha Gupta DST 20,09,500.00
6 Designing a cost efficient and optimised Green Broadband Access Network for Rural India Using Fiber Wireless (FiWi) Access Network Architecture appropriate for NoFN Prof. Anand Srivastava MEITY 35,88,000.00
7 Machine Learning for Efficient Millimeter-Wave Communication Dr. Vivek Ashok Bohara SERB 18,30,000.00
8 Smart Visual Surveillance Dr. A.V.Subramanyam SERB 24,79,290.00
9 GNSS and NavIC reflectrometry for soil moisture monitoring Dr. Sanat K. Biswas SERB  41,13,530.00
Financial Year 2017-2018
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount (Rs.)
1 Energy and water disaggregation for Non- Intrusive load monitoring in buildings Dr. Angshul Majumdar DST 24,09,560.00
2 Minimal Residual Disease Estimation in Multiple Myeloma using Image Processing: design and Development of Myelomaimager - an Automated Computer Dr. Anubha Gupta DST-SERB 43,12,038.00
3 Looking Beyond Back Propagation in Deep Learning Dr. Angshul Majumdar DST-CEFIPRA/CAI 35,48,268.00
4 Inspire Faculty Award Dr. Abhijit Mitra DST-Inspire 35,00,000.00
5 Emergency flood planning and management using unmanned aerial system Dr. P B Sujit Exter University 1,49,90,000.00
Financial Year 2016-2017
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount (Rs.)
1 Low cost high resolution cadastral map generation using UAV(Phase-1) Dr. P B Sujit PEC University of Technology 12,70,560.00
2 Vision Based Landing of a Quadrotor Dr. P B Sujit & Dr. Mayank ARDB-DRDO 10,07,154.00
3 Frontal Radar Imaging of Humans Behind Walls Dr. Shobha Sundaram AFRL 39,48,051.00
4 Investigation of Tunnel FieldEffect Transistors for Energy Efficient Circuits Dr. Sneh Saurabh DST-SERB 41,73,990.00
5 Performance Improvement in Indoor Visible Light , Communication (VLC) system using MIMO-OFDM Based Techniques Dr. Anand Srivastava DST 6,30,000.00
Financial Year 2015-2016
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount (Rs.)
1 Green Communication Technology for Multi Standard and Multi-band transceaivers Dr. Vivek Bohra UGC 12,39,500.00
2 Inspire Faculty Award Dr. Sumit Darak DST 35,00,000.00
3 Formulation of Modelling Strategy Of SSPL GAN-HEMT based on Non -Linear mesurement data Dr. Mohammad S Hashmi CARS: DRDO 9,60,000.00
Financial Year 2014-2015
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount (Rs.)
1 Route Planning for Low Flying Aircraft Through the Terrain. Dr. P B Sujit DRDO 9,96,000.00
2 Small Cell WiFi Networks For The Enterprise Dr. Sanjit Kaul DeitY 88,34,000.00
3 AUV object Detection and identification using Sonar Dr. P B Sujit DRDO -NRB 12,90,000.00
4 Design and Development of Leukoanalyzer, an Automated Computer Assisted Tool for Minimal Residual Disease Estimation (MRD) in B-lineage Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia(ALL) using Image Processing Techniques. Dr. Anubha Gupta DeitY 28,31,000.00
5 Design and development of Digital Multimedia Forgery Detection system Dr. A.V. Subramanyam DeitY 49,80,000.00
6 A low cost and easy to use cuff-less blood pressure measuring device using pulse transit time and preejection period Dr. Sujay Deb INDO-US S&T (DST) 40,94,000.00
Financial Year 2013-2014
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount (Rs.)
1 EMC: Development of distributed algorithms for incremental Sensing Communication Dr. Amarjeet Singh EMC Data Storage System India Pvt. Ltd 9,60,000.00
2 Smartphone-Based Anolalous Human Activity Detection & Prediction Dr. Sanjit Kaul DST-SERB 19,84,800.00
3 Inspire Faculty Award Dr. Shobha Sundar Ram DST 35,00,000.00
4 Robert Bosch Engineering and business Solutions Limited Dr. Amarjeet Singh Robert Bosch Engineering and business Solutions Limited 6,00,000.00
5 Smart Electrical Energy Disaggregation using machine learning Approaches. Dr. Amarjeet Singh TCIL 2,50,000.00
6 Programmable System for Monitoring of Electrical Parameters and Intelligent Control of Electrical Appliances Dr. Amarjeet Singh TCIL 4,50,000.00
Financial Year 2012-2013
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount (Rs.)
1 Inspire Faculty Award Dr. Angshul Majumder DST 35,00,000.00
2 Pervasive Sensing and Computing Technologies for Energy and Water Sustainability in Buildings. Dr. Amarjeet Singh DeitY-NSF 1,24,20,000.00
3 Inspire Faculty Award Dr. Pravesh Biyani DST 35,00,000.00
4 Inspire Faculty Award Dr. Sujay Deb DST 35,00,000.00