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The ECE department of IIIT-D came into existence in 2012 with an objective to equip students with necessary core competency to succeed long-term in engineering/ entrepreneurship careers after completing the course and prepare them to undertake higher studies and research as career options.

The curriculum is directed to applications in major areas such as VLSI/Circuits, Telecommunication Systems, Signals and Imaging, Robotics and Controls while encouraging development of necessary skills for integration of hardware and software components.

Latest News

ECE Newsletter March 2019

IIIT Delhi UAV Team - Aurora led by undergraduate students Akhil Jarodia, Aseem Saini and Mukul Chhabra secured 6th rank in the 17th edition of the coveted Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (AUVSI SUAS) Competition held at the US Navy Air Station in Maryland, USA from 12th-15th June 2019. A total of 75 teams participated in the competition. In addition to this, the team has been awarded prize money of $2250. The team used a hexacopter UAV platform which cleared all milestones and deliverables including fully autonomous mission, stationary & moving obstacles avoidance, autonomous air-delivery of a water bottle and object detection & classification.

SPARC project [Ministry of HRD, Govt of India] titled "Post-Silicon Debug Platform for Secured Systems" with Dr. Sujay Deb (Indian-PI), Prof. Prabhat Mishra (International PI), Dr. Saket Anand (Indian Co-PI), and Dr. Kanad Basu (International Co-PI) got approved with a budget sanction for 48 lakhs. This project is a collaboration work between IIIT Delhi, University of Florida and New York University.

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Recent Publications

  • Sidhartha Sankar Rout (PhD student, IIITD), Vaibhav Ishwarlal Chaudhari (M.Tech student, IIITD), Suyog Bhimrao Patil (M.Tech student, IIITD), and Sujay Deb (Faculty, IIITD) "RCAS: Critical Load Based Ranking for Efficient Channel Allocation in Wireless NoC", in 32nd IEEE International System-on-Chip Conference (SOCC 2019)

  • Sidhartha Sankar Rout (PhD student, IIITD), Suyog Bhimrao Patil (M.Tech student, IIITD), Vaibhav Ishwarlal Chaudhari (M.Tech student, IIITD), and Sujay Deb (Faculty, IIITD)"Efficient Router Architecture for Trace Reduction During NoC Post-Silicon Validation", in 32nd IEEE International System-on-Chip Conference (SOCC 2019)

  • Suneet Sawant (MTech, IIT Bombay), Rohit Kumar (RA, IIIT Delhi), Manjesh Hanawal (Faculty, IIT Bombay) and Sumit Darak (Faculty, IIIT Delhi) "Learning to Coordinate in a Cognitive Radio Network in Presence of Jammers", in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (IF: 4.098)

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PhD Student, Sri Harsha Gade deliverd a talk on "Processing-In-Memory: Mechanisms, Challenges and Opportunities" on 12th Apr 2019 (Friday).

Mr. Ramakrishnan Sethuraman deliverd a talk on "Path to 5G – A Review from Energy Consumption perspective" on 11th Apr 2019 (Thursday).

Dr. Salil Goel deliverd a talk on "Cooperative UAV Localization in Partially GNSS Denied Environments" on 5th Apr 2019 (Friday).

Dr. Satadal Ghosh deliverd a talk on "Basics and Applications of Guidance for Autonomous Vehicles" on 29th Mar 2019 (Friday).

PhD Student, Neha Jain deliverd a talk on "TS-MC: Two stage Matrix completion algorithm for various real world applications" on 15th Mar 2019 (Friday).

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