Mission & Vision


  • To carry out advanced research and development in electronics & Communication technologies, and in leveraging ECE in specific domain areas.
  • To train and educate, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, engineers of outstanding ability who can become innovators and new product creators.
  • To contribute via research and education in solving socially relevant problems.

VISION: The vision of the department is to be globally respected for research and education in ECE and allied areas via offering state-of-the-art courses in UG and PG programs.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  • To undertake industry careers involving innovation and problem solving using Electronics & Communication technologies.
  • To undertake research careers in Electronics Communications and allied areas.
  • To contribute to society by becoming a model citizen, who is good at communication, ethics, professionalism.

Program Specific Outcome (PSOs):

  • The ability to absorb and apply fundamental knowledge of core Electronics and Communication Engineering subjects in the analysis, design, and development of various types of electronic systems.
  • Competence in using modern Electronics and Communication Engineering software and hardware tools for the design and analysis of complex electronic systems and their real-life applications.
  • Excellent adaptability to changing work environment, good interpersonal skills, professional ethics and societal responsibilities.