Events & Seminars


» ECE Seminar series on "Emerging Solutions and Applications in VLSI" by Mr. Anand Hardi on 11th Sep 2019.

»One Day Workshop on Hardware Security on 27th July 2019.

» Workshop on vehicular communication on advanced road safety on 27th July 2019.

» Workshop on Deep Learning on 10th and 11th July 2019.

» SUMMER SCHOOL/FDP Program on EEG analysis and Allied technologies from 1st to 5th July 2019.

» Puff Talk on "Processing-In-Memory: Mechanisms, Challenges and Opportunities" on 12th Apr 2019 (Friday).

» Dr. Ramakrishna Sethuraman delivered a talk on "Path to 5G – A Review from Energy Consumption perspective" on 11th Apr 2019 (Friday).

» Dr. Salil Goel delivered a talk on "Cooperative UAV Localization in Partially GNSS Denied Environments" on 5th Apr 2019 (Friday).

» Dr. Satadal Ghosh delivered a talk on "Basics and Applications of Guidance for Autonomous Vehicles" on 29th Mar 2019 (Friday).

» Puff Talk on "TS-MC: Two stage Matrix completion algorithm for various real world applications" on 15th Mar 2019 (Friday).

» Dr. Rajiv Joshi delivered a Talk on "Brainstorming in silicon" on 11th Mar 2019 (Monday).

» Dr. Sanat K Biswas delivered a Talk on "Kalman Filters: Where and How to apply them" on 28th Feb 2019 (Thursday).

» Dr. Anuj Grover delivered a Talk on "Toolbox for Inventive Problem Solving - A brief Introduction" on 14th Feb 2019 (Thursday).

» Puff talk on "Learning representations for molecular sequences" on 1st Feb 2019 from 4 PM by Dhananjay Kimothi, PhD Student.

» Mr. Srinivasan Vishwanathan will present a Talk on "Enterprise Grid Computing in ECAD environment - Problems, Scale and Solutions" on 31st Jan 2019 (Thursday).

» NGWiN: International Workshop on Next Generation Wireless Networks on 8-9 March 2019
IIIT Delhi is pleased to announce NGWiN, International workshop on Next Generation Wireless Networks, on March 8th and 9th 2019 in the IIIT Delhi campus. The aim of NGWiN is to bring together international experts in wireless systems and radar to explore and present technical talks on the state-of-the-art in the development of these systems for different areas of applications. Topics of interest will include but are not restricted to

  • » Energy harvesting
  • » Spectrum sharing
  • » Device to device communications
  • » Cognitive radar and radio
  • » Next generation network planning
  • » Millimeter wave systems
  • » Cyber-physical systems (wireless)
We have 4 international speakers from France and USA, 3 speakers from various IITs (few more will be invited soon) and 7 speakers from IIIT-Delhi.
The workshop is open to all interested faculty, students (PhD, Masters and Bachelors) and industrial professionals. Registration details are provided here.

» Talk by faculty candidate Richa Bharadwaj on Ultra wideband body-centric networks for 3D Localisation and Motion Tracking on 1st Feb 2019

» ECE seminar series on "Future of Learning" by Amit Goyal on 24th Jan 2019

» Puff Talk on Semi-Supervised Clustering using Neural Networks by PhD student Ankita Shukla on 16th Jan 2019

» FDP Harware-Software Co-design on Zync SoC on 18-23 Dec, 2018
Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are the first choice for implementation of digital systems due to their distributed and parallel architecture. FPGAs also allows complete control over arithmetic world-lengths and dynamic partial reconfigurability thereby leading to optimal computational efficiency. Integration of FPGA with ARM processor has led to significant interests in Zynq SoC because of their usefulness in applications such as software defined radios, cellular base stations, data centers, video processing and computer vision etc.
In this FDP, you will learn how to implement algorithms in an FPGA using Verilog. Though this FDP assumes prior knowledge of digital design and Verilog, the first session will be dedicated to revise these concepts. Hands-on labs will focus on developing working programs that use various features and ports of FPGA boards including VGA, UART, memory etc. Two days will be dedicated to Zynq SoC which integrates ARM dual Cortex-A9 based processor system with Xilinx 7-series FPGA. Video game design and Machine learning labs on Zynq will motivate the participants to pursue research in FPGA domain as well as develop relevant academic courses.

» ECE Seminar series on "Generating entangled photons in different degrees of freedom and their characterization” on 15th Nov 2018

» ECE Seminar series on "Opportunities and challenges facing a modern telecoms company" on 16th Nov 2018

» IEEE SPS Distinguished Lecture - Prof. Vivek Goyal, Fellow IEEE, Associate Professor, Boston University on 26th Nov 2018

» ECE Seminar series on "Is it difficult to be ethical and successful as an engineer?" by Subrat Kar on 25th Oct 2018

» ECE Seminar series on "Carbon Nanotubes for Printed Electronics Applications" by Prof. Franklin on 26th Oct 2018

» ECE Seminar series on "Wavelet Transform Learning and Applications" on 27th Sep 2018

» ECE seminar series on "The Theory and Practice of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) by Dr. Anil Prabhakar, faculty with the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at IIT-Madras on 13th Sep 2018

» Talk on "Idea to product" by Mr. Raunaque from STMicroelectronics on 30thAug 2018

» Parag Aggarwal, Vivek Ashok Bohara "On the Multi-Band Carrier Aggregated Nonlinear LTE-A System", in IEEE Access Journal.

» Shikha Singh and Dr Angshul Majumdar "Deep Sparse Coding for Non Intrusive Load Monitoring" in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.

» Ojaswa Sharma and Nidhi Agarwal "Signed Distance based 3D Surface Reconstruction from Unorganized Planar Cross-sections", in Computers & Graphics (CAG) 2017.

» Devashish Gosain, H. B. Acharya, Sambuddho Chakravarty "Few Throats to Choke: On the Current Structure of the Internet.", in Proceedings of LCN 2017.